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Tapes will come back

Skills: Design
Posted 1717 days ago

The Compact Cassette, also called audio cassette, cassette tape, cassette, or simply tape, is a magnetic tape sound recording format. It was designed originally for dictation, but improvements in fidelity led the Compact Cassette to supplant the Stereo 8-track cartridge and reel-to-reel tape recording in most non-professional applications.


Abstraction fly

Skills: Abstract, Design
Posted 1717 days ago

Abstraction is a process by which higher concepts are derived from the usage and classification of literal (“real” or “concrete”) concepts, first principles, or other methods. “An abstraction” is the product of this process – a concept that acts as a super-categorical noun for all subordinate concepts, and connects any related concepts as a group, field, or category.


Music iPad app

Skills: Apps, Programming
Posted 1717 days ago

I’ve always been a fan of Spotify from the closed beta. I like their service of course and their great design and color scheme. When I bought my iPad, I was wondering if a spotify app already exists, and since it’s still not out, I decided to create this freebie of what the Spotify iPad app could look like.